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TransTel Lodging Phone System Manuals and Telephone Guides

Below you can find some of the legacy TransTel digital lodging phone system manuals along with the SK-200 motel phone system programming manual. TransTel early on made several digital systems, including the SK-408 analog system that came equipped with 2 lines and 8 electronic key telephone sets and a hotel/motel system. The SK-200H hospitality solution for up to 40 outside lines and 240 guest and administrative telephones.

TranTel Superkey SK-408, SK-824 and Lodging Phone System Manuals

TransTel SuperKey

TransTel Superkey SK-408 Installation and Programming Manual
TransTel Superkey SK-408 Keyset Quick Reference Guide
TransTel Superkey SK-408 Telephone Quick Reference Guide
TransTel Superkey SK-824 General Description - Install and Maintenance Manual
TransTel Superkey SK-824 Telephone Systems Features & Services Description
TransTel Superkey Telephone User Guide

TransTel TD-824i

TransTel TD-824i Features and Services Description Guide
TransTel TD-824i & TD-1648i Telephone User Guide

TransTel TDS 600 Lodging System

TransTel TDS 600 Lodging Console Operator Guide
TransTel TDS 600 Series Telephone User Guide
TransTel TDS Telephone User Guide for DK1,2,3, & 6


TransTel SK 200 Lodging System

TransTel SK-200 Motel System Brochure
TransTel SK200 Lodging System Installation and Program Manual


Solutions for hotel phones.Note: Many of these older SK200 systems are still found in motels, although they can be quite aged. If you think it's time to upgrade your hotel/motel on-premise phone system, you'll find prices have never been more favorable than now. Free No Obligation Quote for Hotel Motel Phone System

TransTel Communications, inc

TranTel Communications company information.TransTel Communications, founded in 1992 is a privately held Jupiter, Florida based company that designs, manufactures and distributes Digital Telephone Systems, Automated Attendant and Voice Processing Systems for the communications industry. Founded in 1992 TransTel early on made a lodging system for motels. Today they continue to manufacture and market their communications products through a dealer network, however many of these TransTel Communications legacy hotel systems are still in use all over North America.