BBS Telecom Manuals

BBS Telecom Phone System Manuals

The IPS phone system is a 4 telephone line and 16 extension to Analog telephone system designed for use in a small office and the home office. The IPS by BBS Telecom is simple-to-use, quick-to-install, easy-to-configure SOHO PABX system. You can download both the IPS and Plexus telephone system and user guides in PDF. You will find the Plexus Motel Telephone System manuals on our Plexus page.

BBS Telecom IPS Phone System Guides


IPS 308 and 416 Guides

IPS 308 & 416 16 & 16d Telephone User Guide
IPS 308 & 416 System Guide
IPS 308 & 416 Users Guide

Plexus Phone System and Telephone Guides

Plexus System Guide 2005
Plexus Single Line Telephone Users Guide

About BBS Telecom

About BBS Telecom.BBS Telecom, Austin Texas, originally founded in 1993 designed the IPS Hybrid Key Telephone System and the Plexus Hybrid Communication System. Their expandable systems can be configured to meet a range of capacities and options of any small sized office. The IPS and the Plexus. Plexus, Plexus Key Telephone, PVT-30D, and PDT-30D Digital are registered product names used by BBS Telecom.


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