ShoreTel Phone System Guides

ShoreTel ShoreGear PBX and ShoreTel IP Phone Manuals

Shoretel, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitel, (see below), offers high-end IP phone systems. Here you will find several of their popular Shoregear phone guides in PDF including the Shoreware Administrator Guide. Plus Shoretel 560 and Shoretel 230 manuals. Known for their outstanding line of IP PBX systems, Shoretel, started in 1990, strived to be a major player in the larger company market, from mid-sized to enterprise and aimed as a high-end alternative to compete with Cisco. Shoretel systems use proprietary phones, a traditional telecom PBX companies' fee based licensing and were sold through authorized dealers.

Mitel, who acquired Shoretel in 2017 ended ShoreTel Connect and all are end of life. Mitel already for some time announced the end of life of the ShoreTel 14.2 software and all of the previous software releases. MiVoice Connect is the recommended path for upgrading. ShoreTel Connect has become Mitel MiVoice Connect. Shoretel's great technology still resides under the hood, so to speak, which makes ShoreTel now Mitel MiVoice Connect once upgraded. If you're looking to move to a new shoretel phone system, then here's the answer. The ShoreTel name is no longer, its become MiVoice.

Shoretel was one of our recommended PBXs. For a current list, which now includes Mitel MiVoice Connect, of our Ten best on premise PBXs.

Shoretel IP Phone Guides and Brochures and Shoregear Manuals

Download Shoretel phone, (known as Shore-phone) guides for the 110IP, 230IP, and the 500 series IP phones along with the 8000 conference phone user guide. These phones are proprietary phones for Shoregear IP-PBX switches and other Shoretel equipment. Although they are IP they cannot be used with Asterisk based PBXs like other standard based SIP phones such as Polycom, Digium, Grandstream and others.

Shoretel ip 230 Shorephone.Shoretel IP Phone Guides

Shoretel 110 ip Phone Quick Guide
Shoretel 110 ip Phone User Guide
Shoretel 115 ip Phone User Guide
Shoretel IP210  Telephone User Guide
ShorePhone IP230 Quick Install Guide
Shoretel 230 ip Phone User Guide
Shoretel 480 ip Telephone Complete User Guide
Shoretel 530 560/560g Phone Quick Guide
Shoretel 530 560/560g Phone User Guide
Shoretel IP8000 Conference User User Guide
Shoretel IP930d Telephone User User Guide
Shoretel Button Box BB24 User Guide
Shoretel IP Phones Brochure

Shoretel Shoreware Administration Guide

Shoretel Shoreware Administrator Guide

Shoretel ShoreGear Switch Guides and Shoretel Communicator

ShoreTel ShoreGear 60 Switch Install Guide
ShoreTel 7.5 Administration Guide
ShoreTel 7.5 Planning & Installation Guide
ShoreTel Shoregear 50/90 Installation Guide
ShoreTel 12.2 Maintenance Guide
ShoreTel 12.2 Administration Guide
ShoreTel 14.2 Maintenance Guide
ShoreTel 14.1 System Administrator Guide
ShoreTel 12.2 Planning and Installation Guide
ShoreTel 11.1 Administration Guide
Shortel Communicator Guide for Windows
Shortel Communicator Quick Reference Guide
Shoreware Call Manager Manual

For renewed Shoretel IP telephones from a trusted vendor;
ShoreTel ShorePhone IP 230 Phone
ShoreTel IP 480G Phone
ShoreTel 230 Silver IP Phone

About Shoretel

Shoretel company information.Shoretel, (now owned by Mitel) originally based out of California in the United States, offers phone system solutions and Unified Communications based on IP. Their systems are high end and compete with Cisco for the large company end user market. Although, distributed through a Channel Partner program, which has been revamped over the years, Shoretel had struggled somewhat to successfully deliver returns to their investors, even though these systems are reliable and well designed. In 2017 Mitel closed on an acquisition/merger of Shoretel. As a result of the merger, ShoreTel is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitel. In April 2018 Mitel was bought by the private investor group Searchlight Capital Partners. Mitel now offers Mitel MiVoice Connect as an upgraded system for Shoretel switches.

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