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TalkSwitch- How to Recover the Administrator Password

Mike's PBX technician help for users.There might come a time when unlocking a lost administrator password is the only option. It's not totally uncommon for a company that needs your support as a new technician to not have the password for the device.

The instructions below explain the process for a recovering from such an situation on a Talkswitch PBX (voice switch by Fortivoice). Care, however does need to be taken to complete the prerequisite steps first, because if not completed properly the end result will be a longer process.

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These instructions are to recover a lost administrator's password for a Talkswitch or Fortivoice PBX system working through Fortivoice (who now owns Talkswitch after purchasing the company), so that a new password can be created for access. Fortivoice requires several steps working through their customer care, Forticare, ensuring that the switch has been registered on the their system. This is why we emphasize to complete the first step ensuring registration, without which, you'll just have to go back and start all over wasting much needed time.

Recovering a Forgotten Admin Password for Talkswitch or Fortivoice IP-PBX Switch

Start by ensuring that the unit has been registered on the FortiCare system before any other steps.


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About Talkswitch, Fortivoice

Talkswitch company information (Fortivoice).TalkSwitch is a division of Fortinet, which was founded in 2000 and whose primary business relates to network security appliances. Talkswitch was originally founded in Ottawa, Ontario and manufactured small popular PBX switches that were known to have well designed management software. Products are sold through a network of authorized value added resellers. Talkswitch after being bought by Fortinet was rebranded Fortivoice and all voice products are now sold under that name.