Telekol Manuals

Telekol Manuals for TVM 2000 including System Administration


If you have a Telekol system, here are the the TVM-2000 manuals including the TVM-2000 system administration manual which is good for the MiniTel-128 & TMP Version 3.95.

Telekol System Manuals For Download



Telekol TVM-2000 Technical Reference Manual
Telekol TVM-2000 System Administrator & Technical Reference Manual


About Telekol Corporation

Telekol company information.Telekol was a South Carolina, US based company started in 1989 that designed and manufactured voice/fax messaging, call processing and client based CTI systems for the small to medium size business. No longer in business, Telekol did distribute their products through distributors.

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