How to Replace a Comdial Telephone

How to Tell Which Comdial Telephone You Have

Young business telecom professional.So, you want to get a replacement Comdial telephone, but you're not exactly sure which one is the correct one. And as old as your PBX system is, how much can one cost? Probably not all that much and a replacement will be well worth it, because there is nothing worse than doing business with a problem phone.

Correct telephone identification can be easy if you know what to look for. Use the decal on the bottom of the Comdial phone to get the correct model for a replacement phone.

You might even have tried looking online by searching Impact, because that's what many older Comdial phones display as an emblem on the front, but you soon discovered a dozen or more phones all quite similar. Well, don't worry, here is an easy way to get the correct replacement Comdial phone.

How to Correctly Identify Your Impact Phone

Finding the Correct Model of Comdial Telephone to Replace the One on Your Desk

Turn the phone over so you can see the underside of the telephone. Look for a sticker that may have a bar code along with other information and some numbers. On it you will see a set of numbers and letters, many starting with a 80 (eight zero). That is the model of telephone you have and the important piece of information required to make sure that you purchase the correct replacement.

Examples of Comdial phone tags that display the telephone model number.

Label for a Comdial phone.This label indicates that the telephone is a 8024S-GT. That would be the information that you would use to get the correct replacement. NOTE: All labels are located on the bottom of the telephone.

For the best prices renewed Comdial telephones;
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Comdial Impact 8024S-GT Phone
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Comdial EP300-24
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Comdial Impact 8112S-GT Desk Phone

Comdial 8012S-GT phone tag.The label shown on the left is from a Comdial phone and shows that the correct model would be a 8012S-GT telephone.

Comdial Edge telephone tag showing the model number.Comdial was taken over by Vertical, that's why you see the V on the label. Some of these phones have a Vertical logo on the front and some a Comdial logo, it's only a cosmetic Emblem difference; the phones are otherwise identical. Ordering the phone by the model number 7261-00 will get you a replacement that works.

Comdial telephone's bottom tag.This telephone is a Comdial 8324SJ-FB. Many people think that the S/N identification will get the correct phone, however it's the model number that's what you want.



Now that you know the model number of the Comdial phone you want to replace it's easy to do. Just do a search using the model number below.
Comdial Telephones


Locate the sticker on the bottom of the phone.


Make a note of the model number as explained in the examples above.


Find a trusted supplier and use the model number to indicate the phone you need. Or use one of the Comdial telephone links above if the model number is correct.


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