Allworx Backup and Restore

Allworx: How to Perform a Backup of the System and do a Restore

Mike's PBX technician help for users.Allworx has been making VoIP business phone systems for a number years, so there are many of these systems successfully handling business communications. Many of them are the 6x, 10x, 24x and 48x systems. These IP-PBX systems have maintenance software that allows admin to create backups and restore those backups if needed. Setting up a backup system routine is important for recovery in the event of a large failure or other critical event and should be part of a (phone) IT person's duties. Once initially setup it will complete it at a scheduled time. Usually done as an incremental backup, correcting any new changed settings, so that the systems settings match.


For completing a backup and restore, you will need the Allworx Administration Software and Allworx Backup Administration Tool software.


Allworx IP-PBX how to perform a backup, step by step.

The first step in to performing a backup of the Allworx system is to set the routine so that the type of backup and time at which it will occur are set.

For Allworx system backups and to restore a backup you need the Office Safe Backup Tool.

Allworx Office Safe Backup Administration Tool

Allworx Safe Backup Admin Tool

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Allworx Office Safe Instructional Guide

Allworx Office Safe Operations Guide

About Allworx Phone Systems

Allworx phone system information.Allworx has been providing IP phone systems since 2003. Thousands have been installed in businesses worldwide. The original IP-PBX models were the 6x and 10x, many still remaining in small companies. Now, the IT person finds they are required to provide administration.

Allworx Connect™ sells itself as a platform for the future and currently provides IP-PBX switches that range from two small business solutions, the Allworx Connect 324 and 320, that support up to 20 users, all the way to the 731 which can handle up to 180 users. Two original models of their own IP phones were the Verge 9308 and 9312.

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