Time Change Instructions for Avaya

Changing the System Time on Avaya Phone Systems

The Avaya Partner was made under At&t and Lucent, as well as Avaya.

Changing the Time and Date on Avaya Partner Phones

NOTE: The following step by step instructions to change the system time should work on all the Partner phone systems.
The following time change must be done from extension 10 or 11.
  • First Press Feature and the dial 00.
  • Next press the Left Intercom button two times.
  • From here you set the time, first Press # and the Dial 103. The format to enter the time is in 24 hour format.
  • Next you may want to set the correct date if not correct. Press # and then Dial 101. Here you can set the correct date which will be entered using the MMDDYY format.
  • Press Feature and then Dial 00 which will save the changes.

Changing Time on the Merlin Magix Phone System

Changing the time on a Avaya Merlin Magix system is accomplished from the system programming console. The date is change separately from the time.

To change the time and date on the Magix.

  • To change the time Press Menu, then Press System Program, then Exit or Start.
  • Next press System, then Time.
  • Here you will enter the time in the format hhmm, where hh will be the hours and mm the minutes.
  • Next press Enter or Back and then Home or Exit.

Changing the date on the at&t Magix.

  • To change the date Press Menu then Press System Program, then Exit or Start.
  • Next Press System, then Date.
  • Here is where you will enter the correct date as mmddyy corresponding to the month, day, year.
  • Next press Enter or Back and then Home or Exit.

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