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Avaya IP Office manuals and guides.The Avaya IP Office, Avaya’s best selling phone system, is a hybrid system which can use digital or IP Avaya phones. Because it is a hybrid digital/IP system care needs to be taken when wanting an IP system that it is actually configured with IP licensing and not just a digital phone system with later capabilities to add IP at an additional cost (unless you understand that).
Avaya IP Office has been a popular choice for small and medium size businesses. It's a great on-premise PBX system that can be used in hybrid solutions; particularly for mixed use facilities, like office and warehouse or manufacturing.

Avaya has encountered several obstacles, however, should remain a leading choice for communication systems. After an initial bankruptcy in January 2017 that continued into early 2018, Avaya revamped much of its operation and added advanced cloud-based technologies to their lineup of products. They subsequently received several noted industry awards in the years that followed, however, Avaya filed, once again, for chapter 11 bankruptcy on February 14, 2023. The company secured almost $780 million in new capital commitments from their existing lenders which has allowed it to now continue as a private company. Stockholders were all but wiped out. The result should be beneficial to Avaya customers as the company is eager to keep as many as possible, which then might include extra incentives for those that install, upgrade, or expand systems.

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Below we have included many IP-Office manuals as well as the IP-Office programming administration software and Definity Guides for download.


For manuals for Avaya PBX

Avaya IP-Office 500 Administration Programming Software

Avaya IP-Office 500 Administration Programming Software 4.2 607565 KB ZIPPED

Avaya IP-Office Admin Lite Programming Software

Note: The Admin Lite Manager software can be used for programming, making changes and configuration of the system. It cannot be used for upgrading a system.

Avaya IP-Office Admin Lite Manager Software 195 MB ZIPPED


About Avaya

Avaya is a worldwide communications company known for its enterprise communications systems. The company provides Unified Communications, Contact Centers, Data solutions and related services directly and through its Channel partners. Starting as At&t the company that would become Avaya was part of Lucent Technologies. In 2000 Lucent decided to spin off a portion of their business that became Avaya, which later bought a significant part of failed Nortel. Today Avaya distributes their licensed business phone systems through dealers. In January 2017 Avaya filed for bankruptcy and came out of it in early 2018. With a revised strategy of changes directed towards the cloud and their alignment with RingCentral, Avaya is once more a top communications company. With these new cloud based solutions and a desire to streamline some services Ayaya has recently received several noted Industry awards. The IP Office is one of their most popular PBX phone systems and likely to remain a focus for years to come.

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