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Call Center Technology Trends 2022

Phone system professional for Call Center technology.Call Centers come is all sizes and capabilities. The one common important attribute of any call center is how effectively does it handle customers with a positive conclusion for the customer. One may deduce that any positive result only happens if its fast and efficient. A good inbound call center requires technology apps that assist tech support or customer service agents to quickly ascertain and then resolve a customer's issue to a positive outcome.
One desired advanced feature is to offer a customer the choice to forego waiting on the phone and opt for a programmed automatic call back.
The Automatic Call Back feature which some ACDs offer allow callers to select a call back without loosing their position in the queue. This automated virtual queue feature has proven to be well liked by customers who dislike having to be tied to the phone for long periods of time. The advantage for the call center is less abandoned calls, repeat attempts, and customer dissatisfaction.

Consider These Three Call Center Trends


Cloud based call centers have become a viable solution. The cloud enables companies to deploy virtual call centers for better efficiencies because they retain flexibility, can easily scale and are relatively easy to deploy. Cloud solutions allow swift changes to expand and contract workforces as market needs demand it. Remote workers can be positioned in different time zones for around the clock services.


Computer Telephony Integration is fundamental to any call center. CTI enables computer and telephone systems to interact together for increased efficiency and superior results. Integration with CRM software packages allows the agent to utilize direct information about the caller's account and access to that data. Instant screen pops with essential information eliminates wasted time in initial discovery and reduces call times dramatically.


Artificial Intelligence- Businesses are advancing into predictive analytics by using artificial intelligence (AI) applications to carry out determinations that help streamline call center experiences for both customers and agents. Significant technological advancements in call center software are allowing a more extensive amount of the interaction to become easier which leads to better outcomes.

The proper ACD can distribute calls in a variety of ways, some of which are as follows:

  • Skills-Based Routing or Programmed Distribution- Several factors are typically used that include experience/product knowledge and language to deliver the call to the most qualified agent.
  • Round-robin Distribution- Calls are distributed evenly in the call centre using all agents in the team in an orderly manner. Distribution starts with the first agent then the second, etc. It ensures calls are orderly distributed.
  • Idle-agent Distribution- The ACD program chooses the agent who has been or is idle or who has had less time on calls.
  • Priority-Based Routing- Most ACD systems offer is the ability to build different queues based on the priority of the caller. All queues could be handled by the same agents, however certain queues would have priority and be answered on a more frequent schedule.

About Call Center Technology - ACDs

The cost to acquire new customers averages six to eight times the cost to retain existing customers. A good experience when it matters most, like calling in to resolve an issue, could become one defining metric that will attract greater resources.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution or Distributor) manages calls in a process based on the number called and specific instructions that are predefined in the ACD software. ACDs are part of a computer telephony integration (CTI) system. Working with other parts, including an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) calls are routed to the appropriate party from various queues. An ACD collects usage statistics or analytics that can be used in reports to identify ways to improve call handling for more probability.

Routing Calls Intelligently

ACD software packages can span from simple small scale inbound call routing operations with just a few agents to vast enterprise solutions with hundreds of agents spread out in multiple locations. Along with routing calls intelligently they gather metrics to be used to better organize the call center. Analytic call reports can range from simple to complex with more advanced ACDs able to granularly measure even the most obscure details for complex reports that can be used for better business activities. These reports can be used to identify weak results for specific types of calls so that agents can be given better tools to use for repeated types of problems.