DX-80 & DX-120 Manuals

Comdial (Vertical) Manuals for DX-80 and DX-120 Phone Systems.

Here you will find Comdial manuals for the DX-80 and DX-120 (Which became Vertical.) phone systems along with the manuals for the Edge telephones. For more Comdial phone system manuals see our Comdial Phone Manuals 1. (Note: Some of the DX-120 systems and telephones will display the manufacturer's name Vertical. These small business telephone systems were digital, see below for more information about the change over from Comdial to Vertical.)

Comdial (Vertical) DX-120 and DX-80 PBX Guides

DX-80 Telephone and Tech Manuals

Comdial DX-80 Tech Manual- Install and Maintenance
Comdial DX-80 Tech Manual- Programming
Comdial DX-80 Supervisors Guide
Comdial Edge DX-80 Digital Exec Phone Users Guide


DX-120 Telephone and Tech Manuals

Comdial-DX-120 Install and Maintenance Manual
Comdial DX-120 Programming Technical Manual
Edge 120 Digital Executive Phone Users Guide

Need a Replacement DX-80 or DX-120 Telephone?

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If you're adding an additional telephone or need to replace one on a Comdial / Vertical DX80 or DX120 you can find these digital phones at excellent prices (with free shipping possible).

Comdial DX80 phones are the 7260-00 model (digital handset). For a great price from a trusted source (Amazon ad): Comdial DX-80 Telephone

The Comdial DX120 system uses the 7261-00 phone model (30 button digital handset) (Amazon ad): Comdial DX-120 Telephone

Keyvoice (Debut)

Comdial Key Voice Debut & Lite Supervisor Guide

About Comdial and the DX120 & DX80

Comdial company information.Comdial Corporation was taken over by Vertical after it declared bankruptcy. The digital DX phone systems were very popular at the time for small businesses, dependable and with enough features to satisfy most consumers. They were then continued by Vertical and sold through vendors. Vertical branded the systems within their own name and logo. The DX-120 systems can be found with both the Vertical and Comdial names on them, as well as the popular DX-120 telephone handset, the 7261. Regardless of the brand name on the phone they will work with the DX-120 PBX.