ControlKey Hotel Guest Management

ControlKey Hotel Guest Phone System Accounting Manual

The ControlKey Lodging manual offers portions of this older guide including Guest Check-Out Procedures. Additional sections include the Night Audit Procedure and Administrative Reports.

Here are the Control-Key accounting system manuals and module updates.

ControlKey Hotel System Manuals

ControlKey Manual
ControlKey PL Series Software Module Update
ControlKey PL Lodging Reference Manual Update


Older hotel systems should be replaced.

Antiquated Hotel systems that were installed years ago, long having been discontinued should be replaced. We doubt any of these systems are still in place, however we do keep this manual available for anyone who may still find themselves with a system still in operation.
Now is a great time to replace these antiquated systems with a new hotel phone system.

Prices for some hospitality phone systems are the best they have ever been.

About Control-Key Corporation

About Control-Key Corporation, accounting software systems.Control Key Corporation, a manufacturer of telephone accounting systems and software was founded as start-up and as a joint venture with NEC America.