NEC PBX Manuals

NEC Phone Manuals for the DS1000 and DS2000 Systems



Below you can download the NEC phone manuals for both the DS1000 and DS2000 telephone systems and installation guides. Some older manuals include the name Nitsuko which, we have added in the description to make identification easier. We have also included the DS1000 and DS2000 programming software in a zipped format for download. This software is used for making program changes. For DSX40 Guides

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NEC DS1000 & DS2000

NEC DS1000 Installation Hardware Manual
NEC DS1000 & 2000 System Administrator
NEC DS1000 & 2000 PC System Admin Program User Guide
NEC DS1000 & 2000 System Administrator
NEC DS2000 (Nitsuko) Analog Reference Guide
NEC DS2000 (Nitsuko) Hardware/Software Manual
NEC DS2000 (Nitsuko) Multi-btn Phone Feature Handbook
NEC DS2000 Hardware Manual

NEC DS Programming Software

This folder contains the software to program and administer the NEC DS series systems in a zipped file for download.

NEC DS Series System Administration Programming Software 20839 KB

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation company information.NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational technology company.  Providing information technology (IT) and network solutions to both large and medium sized businesses NEC was once known as the Nippon Electric Company before re-branding in 1983. Additionally, NEC makes a phone system for small businesses that is very reasonable without sacrificing a feature set that most small businesses would want.

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