Time Change Instructions for NEC DSX

How to Change Time on your NEC DSX and DS Phone Systems

NEC, the manufacturer of the small popular DSX telephone system, offers both a 22 and 34 button phone for these popular small business systems.

You can find telephone guides here: NEC DSX Manuals.

Here are the Instructions to Change the Time and Date on NEC DSX Phones
The system Time and Date on NEC systems must be done from extension #300. The instructions are the same for DSX and DS, The only difference is the way the DS phones identify the Speaker Button, which is noted as SPK.
  • First without lifting the handset Dial #TD from Extension 300.
  • NOTE: Do this without lifting the handset or pressing any other keys first.
  • Next Enter the time using a 24-hour format, first hours using 2 digits, then minutes using 2 digits and then seconds using 2 digits.
  • Next Press the Hold button.
  • Now Enter the Date as Month using 2 digits, then the Day using 2 digits and the Year using 4 digits.
  • To finish Press Hold again, then Speaker (or SPK) to Exit and Save.