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Norstar: Cause Codes (Call Clearing Codes)

Mike PBX tech.Useful for diagnostics, Call Clearing Codes show exactly why a call over ISDN has been released. These codes may be turned on by the administrator by going first into System Programming, then Release reasons - Text: Simple - Cause code: Y.

Norstar Cause Codes with a Description of the Event for Convenient Easy Access


PBX tips for Norstar.We have many Nortel, Norstar, ICS Manuals for Download and Meridian Manuals for Download. Additionally, you can find tech Nortel Norstar how-to Instructions. For a List of Nortel Feature Codes.

How to Change Time on Nortel Phone Systems

Below we list the Norstar Cause Codes from number 1 to 127 each with name and a description of the event for help with a technician's diagnostics.

Norstar Cause Codes With Definitions

The following list of Cause Codes (Call Clearing Codes) are for a Norstar set when the call has been placed over a PRI circuit. Also known as ISDN Event Cause Codes.

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Nortel Networks company information.Nortel Networks Corporation, first founded as Northern Telecom Limited, is a multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturer headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They made many large and small business PBX systems and were for a long time one of the primary leaders in the telecom industry. On January 14, 2009 Nortel filed for bankruptcy protection in order to restructure its debt and financial obligations. Northern Telecom, which bankruptcy lasted until 2013 and was the largest bankruptcy case in Canadian history, was then partially acquired by Avaya.