On-Hold Plus Manuals

On Hold Plus Manuals for the OHP8000, OHP6000 & OHP9000.

On Hold Plus, a Music on Hold system has been a go to MOH device for some time now. They are affordable and can be completely installed and up and working quick and easily. The software, The MessageStudio allows users to create new on-hold audio content with voice and music on their own PC and then with a few mouse clicks just transfer the file directly to the USB Flash Drive. It is intuitive and easy to navigate with no learning curve required. Below you can get some of the older model devices (OHP6000, OHP7000, etc.), as well as the OHP8000 and the new OHP9000 IP.

The OHP 8000 has been chosen and installed by telecom professionals for years. Now you can get this MOH device for a fraction of its original cost to make your phone system a professionally custom tailored communications system.


On-Hold Plus Manuals

On Hold Plus OHP6000 User Manual
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On Hold Plus OHP7000 User Manual
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On Hold Plus 8000 User Manual
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MessageStudio Quickstart Guide
MessageStudio User Manual

On Hold Plus OHP 8000

On Hold Plus OHP8000 music on hold device for pbx phone systems.The On Hold Plus OHP 8000 UMC on-hold player comes out-of-the-box incorporating hours of preloaded music and "Thanks for holding" messages. It's straightforward to update and personalize your company's' music and messages just by dragging any .mp3 file onto the flash drive that comes included.
Purchasers getting the on-hold player also receive one year's free access to On-Hold Plus Cloudstudio's web-managed portal. The Cloudstudio makes it easy to create professional sounding on-hold audio content with voice and music, after which you just transfer the file directly to the USB Flash Drive. Plus, it incorporates a built-in straightforward voice recorder letting you read your own professional messages for use in your recordings. Once there, the OHP8000 takes care of playing the correct files through your phone system to the listener.

See why the OHP8000 is the right choice for your PBX phone system.

Review for the On Hold Plus OHP8000



Intellitouch company information.IntelliTouch, founded in 1988, is a SanDiego company that builds business audio hardware and software products. One of their premier products is the On-Hold Plus digital audio player which has been a popular product to add to PBX phone systems. These devices can be found and are fulfilled by Amazon.

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