Time Change Instructions for Panasonic

Change Time Instructions on Panasonic PBX Business Phone Systems

How to Change the Time and Date on the Panasonic KX-T 308, KX-T 616S and KX-T 1232 PBX Phone Systems

Changing time and date on Panasonic KX-T 308 and KX-T 616, step by step.
You must be on the main phone, station 11, to set time.
  • First Press Intercom, then Dial 77.
  • Next Enter the hour (01 through 12), then Enter the minutes (00 through 59).
  • Using the following set AM or PM: 0 for AM or 1 for PM.
  • Next Press # to save the information and then Hang Up.
Instructions to Change the Time and Date on Panasonic KX-T 1232.
To to set time you must use the main phone be on Jack 01. To determine if your phone is on Jack 01 set the switch on the end of a display phone to PROGRAM and then push the Number 6 on the dial pad of the phone and read the Jack and Extension Number, which should show Jack 01.
  • First Set switch on end of phone to "PROGRAM", after which Dial 0.
  • Next Enter the Year using the last 2 digits.
  • Next Enter the Month (01-12).
  • Next Enter the Month (01-12).
  • Enter the day of week using :(Sunday as 0, Saturday as 6.)
  • Next Enter the Hour (01-12) and then Enter Minutes (00-59).
  • Using the following to set AM or PM: 0 for AM or 1 for PM.
  • Next Press the AUTO DIAL/STORE key and then Return phone switch to SET.

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