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Key Voice voicemail systems act as both an attendant and voicemail. First developed and made by Key Voice Technologies, they were later distributed by Comdial. Some of these systems remain in operation, however are becoming more rare, as companies update their outdated PBX phone systems. Comdial has been discontinued for many years now. Below you'll find several of the administration and user's guide for those that still employ and administer these voicemail systems.

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Key Voice

Key Voice Debut and Lite System Installation and Supervisor Guide
Key Voice Pocket Guide
Key Voice Supervisor and Subscriber Guide
Key Voice System Installation and Maintenance Manual 2000
Key Voice User Guide
Key Voice System Installation and Maintenance Manual

About Key Voice Technologies

Keyvoice Technologies company information.Key Voice Technologies, Inc. built Unified Messaging Systems from the early 1990s. Later it was bought by Comdial, who offered systems for several years. Comdial themselves filed for bankruptcy in 2005 and was then purchased by Vertical.

Vertical Communications who acquired Comdial back in 2005 and a year later acquired Vodavi Technology is still in operation offering communications with both on-premise and cloud based solutions. You can find many of the older Vodavi Phone Manuals here. Vertical Communications currently remains a nationwide direct sales and support organization and a certified 8x8 hosted VoIP solution reseller.