Tie Phone Manuals

TIE Business Phone System Manuals


TIE (Telephone Interconnect Equipment) Business Telephone System Guides

Here are phone manuals for download for the TIE (Telephone Interconnect Equipment) Businesscom, Datastar, DS, EK, and Modkey key system phone manuals and telephone guides.

TIE Businesscom

TIE Businesscom 16 Multibutton Telephone Manual
TIE Businesscom Plus 24 36 64 Installation & Maintenance Manual
TIE Businesscom Plus Attendant Handbook
TIE Businesscom Plus Hardware Manual
TIE Businesscom Plus Multibutton Telephone Guide 1
TIE Businesscom Plus Multibutton Telephone Guide 2
TIE Businesscom Plus Multibutton Telephone User Guide
TIE Businesscom Plus OPX Handbook
TIE Businesscom Plus Telephone Handbook

TIE DataStar

TIE DataStar Dataset Addendum
TIE DataStar Hybrid Attendant Handbook
TIE DataStar Multibutton User Guide
TIE DataStar Single Line User Guide


TIE Delphi BX Multi Button Telephone Guide
TIE DS Digital System Multi Button phone Handbook
TIE DS-01 Digital System Multi Button Telephone Guide
TIE DS-01 Single Line Telephone Guide
TIE EK-1648 Multi Button Feature Handbook
TIE EK-2260 Description and Installation Guide
TIE EK-2464 Attendant Console Guide
TIE EK-2464 Feature Handbook Multi Button phone Guide
TIE EK-2464 Fourteen Button Telephone Guide
TIE EK-32 Feature Handbook
TIE EK416 Installation Manual
TIE EK612 Installation Manual
TIE EROU-C Printed Circuit Board Install Instructions
TIE Feature Handbook

TIE Modkey

TIE Modkey 16 Installation Manual 1
TIE Modkey 16 Installation Manual
TIE Modkey 16 User Guide

TIE Onyx, Ultracom, etc.

TIE Onyx 2,3,4 & 5 Service & Programming Manual
TIE Onyx 2,3,4, & VS Phone User Guide
TIE TCX 128 Off Premise Extension Guide
TIE Ultracom DCX Multibutton Feature Handbook
TIE Ultracom III, IV, V Attendant Guide

About TIE (Telephone Interconnect Equipment)

TIE (Telephone Interconnect Communications) company information.Tie Communications was founded in 1978. They designed, manufactured and repaired first generation business key telephone systems. Tie (Telephone Interconnect Equipment) was later bought by Nitsuko.