Time Change Instructions for Siemens HiCom

How to Change the Time on the Siemens HiCom optiPoint

Step by Step Instructions to Change the Time for HiCom Business Telephones

Changing time on a Siemens HiCom can be done from the System Manager's Extension.

From the Operator DSS Console:

  • At System Manager Extension which is usually 201 or 21.
  • First Dial *95 after which the display should read Enter User.
  • Next Dial *95 (again) and then the Check key. (NOTE* Overseas (UK) calls this the Tick key.)
  • Scroll to Time and then hit the Check key.
  • Hit the Check key again to change the time.
  • Using the dial pad enter the time as HHMM.
  • Then Press the Check key and lift handset and hang up to save.
Siemens OptiPoint 500 telephone showing Check key.

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