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SpectraLink Guides and Manuals

SpectraLink, owned by Poly. Inc. is a manufacturer of wireless handsets and mobile communications. They are distinctively recognized for their healthcare solutions which are well-suited for workers that require secure, reliable mobile access to electronic data, and communications.


SpectraLink Phone and Server Installation Guides

SpectraLink NetLink Quick Start Guide
SpectraLink KWS300 Guide Installation and Configuration Guide
SpectraLink 340 and 640 Deployment Guide
SpectraLink DECT Provisioning Guide
SpectraLink DECT Synch and Deployment Guide
SpectraLink DECT Server 2500 Installation Guide
SpectraLink 6000 and 6200 Administration Guide
SpectraLink 8020 and 8030 Phone Admin Guide
SpectraLink 6000 System Installation and Operation Manual

SpectraLink Corporation

SpectraLink corporate information.Spectralink, headquartered in Boulder, CO, started in 1990 specializing in wireless handsets and mobile enterprise solutions. In 2007 they were acquired by Poly Inc. (Polycom)