Samsung OfficeServ Mike's PBX Tips

Mike, the  PBX Tech, help tutorial.Setting Up Speed Dial on your Samsung Telephone

Setting up speed dialing for often used numbers, as everyone knows, makes life easier. Here is a quick tutorial, step by step, for Samsung phones for the OfficeServ PBX. Instructions should be done from your desk telephone.

If you need Samsung Officeserv manuals you can find them here: Samsung Officeserv Guides

How to Set Up Speed Dialing on Samsung Officeserv Telephones

  • From your telephone press the Transfer Key and then Dial 105.
  • Next Dial the Speed Dial Number to assign, for example 05, OR you can Press the Volume Up or Down to make a selection.
  • Next Press the Right Soft Key (under the display) to move the cursor under the numbers.
  • Next Enter any line access code. (NOTE: As an example, if your company uses a 9 for an outside line, enter it, which will be followed by an automatic - that the system inserts.)
  • Next Enter the phone number to be speed dialed.
  • Next Press the Right Soft Key to return to the Speed Dial Number to either edit or add more numbers.
  • To save the number after you have finished Entering it Press the Transfer Key and Exit Programming.
How to Add or Edit Speed Dial Names on your Samsung Office Telephone
  • From your desk phone Press the Transfer Key and then Dial 200 which will display ENABLE CUS. PROG. & PASSCODE:
  • Next Enter customer passcode which is 1234.
  • Press 1 to ENABLE CUS. PROG., then Press the Speaker Key.
  • Next Enter the System Speed Dial Program by dialing 706.
  • Dial the speed dial number OR press volume Up or Down for your selection after which Press the Right Soft Key under the display to move the cursor under the name.
  • Using the Number Keys spell out the Name. (NOTE: Numbers will offer more than one letter by pressing a second or third time.)
  • When the next character you want appears on the same key as the character you have just entered press the volume Up Key which will move the cursor to the right, then select the next character.
  • Using the Right Soft Key will return to the speed dial number to edit.
  • After completing adding Speed Dial names Press the Transfer Key to Save the information and Exit Programming.