VirtualPBX Phone System Review

VirtualPBX Cloud-based VoIP Phone System Review

Team utilizing VirtualPBX's VoIP service.VirtualPBX is a robust VoIP phone system offering plans designed for solo-preneurs and small businesses all the way to larger multi-national call centers.

Based in California, award-winning VirtualPBX has been delivering multi-channel cloud-based communication for over twenty years. Their industry-leading service has been designed to offer both affordability and flexibility. They just recently added a new low-cost Starter plan intended for entrepreneurs and small businesses with under ten employees. Consisting of just enough features that business owners require, the Starter plan provides one of the most cost-effective business phone solutions to be added to an existing cell phone or landline service anywhere.

Virtualpbx Plans, Primary Features, and Monthly Pricing

VirtualPBX offers affordable plans for entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and remote teams.TMC 2024 Product of the Year Award for our outstanding business phone plans.

VirtualPBX maintains three business plans, plus a Premier plan. Each of which includes one free local (USA or Canada) number per user with unlimited calls within the US, Canada, and Mexico. Add additional local or toll-free numbers for $4.99 each. Both the Starter and Flex plans each remain a decidedly cost-effective solution for very small businesses. These plans are well-tailored to consolidate a set of features that business owners routinely found makes their businesses better. Included are Auto-attendant, Digital faxing, Voicemail transcription, Call recording and ring groups. The Flex plan then incorporates a few additional features, including Video Conferencing.
All of VirtualPBX's customers get free customer support 24 hours/day, 365 days/week. They also employ a skilled Onboarding Team which assists new business customers to ensure their initial setup goes smoothly, and the system is configured appropriately.

VirtualPBX banner showing features.

Use the VirtualText App to send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your main business number.

Employ multi-channel communication using HD Voice, Business Texting, Video Conferencing, and Teleconferencing.


VirtualPBX's VoIP Plans

Note: Yearly options exist for each plan, which then offers increased savings.

VirtualPBX Reviews, Pros and Cons- Review Conclusion

VirtualPBX, implementing four unique plans, provides an effective affordable VoIP solution for any sized business.

Designed for very small businesses, the Starter Plan provides an auto-attendant, custom greetings, business texting, plus unlimited calling for an incredible affordable price.

Being an early entrant as a full-featured VoIP provider has allowed VirtualPBX to work with companies of all sizes and preconditions. They have tailored plans which allow a broad range of customers to find an appropriate business phone solution at extraordinary competitive prices. Their customer support staff, which consistently gets high acclaim from customers, can work with a potential customer to routinely uncover the most effective solution.

VirtualPBX not long ago introduced their Starter Plan at an incredibly affordable price of $9/user/mo. Designed for very small companies or even solo-entrepreneurs; users have discovered they can obtain an effective VoIP business phone solution without busting their budget. Incoming calls are handled with professionally designed to your requirements and then forwarded to an existing cell phone or landline. Customers have repeatedly stated that working with support staff was a very positive experience and that their new phone system improves their business.

VirtualPBX Reviews

Factors that were frequently cited as positive attributes "The support is excellent!", "...virtualpbx...has been extremely helpful in making sure my phone system is working correctly." "Customer service is super helpful..." "Affordable" "Simple transition-plenty of help." "savings" "save money."

Often mentioned as negatives were "The user interface can be a bit better." "The dashboard is not as user friendly as I would hope, but you get the hang of it." "the app on my android phone was slightly confusing...customer service did walk me through the settings..."

The Starter plan at $9 per mo./user provides one of the best economical business call forwarding systems available. A proven plan for many entrepreneurs to expand capabilities.

VirtualPBX reviews: 4.5 out of 5 with 114 reviews1.


VirtualPBX reviews.VirtualPBX presents an excellent choice for a multi-channel VoIP phone system with proven plans for almost any business. Companies and customers find selecting VirtualPBX's service gains a partner rather than just a phone company. Users routinely state how they are extremely satisfied with the service. Issues are promptly resolved with customer support. At $9.00/mo. per user, any company with under ten employees seeking a reliable low-cost way to handle business calls should consider this option to add to an existing service, either to existing landlines or existing cell phones.

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