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Avaya: How to Log-in and Connect to Your IP Office System

Mike's PBX technician help for users.The Avaya IP Office Manager, Avaya’s best selling phone system, has been a go to phone system for small to mid-sized businesses. With plenty of existing Avaya IP Office PBX systems in operation and Avaya now remerged from bankruptcy and back in operation, there will be more. Many IT admin employees find themselves in the role as the phone administrator, needing to make system changes and MAC (moves, adds and changes), and normal every day programming changes. Saving money from your budget for other items is helpful, because having to call a phone vendor for every small change is costly and burdensome. The instructions below should be helpful when connecting up to administer your IP Office system through the Avaya IP Office Manager software. You can download the Admin Lite software below.

Default passwords for both the Username and Password are Administrator and good practice should always require a change from these for security purposes. If they have already been changed, hopefully someone in your company has been given the correct information, which they should have been, as defaulting a system for lack of access for not knowing the correct login credentials is not something one has to go through, however it can be done.

Avaya IP Office- How to Connect Instructions, step by step.

Start by opening the Avaya IP Office Manager icon on your computer's desktop by double clicking or navigating to it from the menu.

How to connect to your IP Office when it is not found on the network.

Avaya IP-Office Admin Lite Programming Software

Note: The Admin Lite Manager software can be used for programming, making changes and configuration of the system. It cannot be used for upgrading a system.

Avaya IP-Office Admin Lite Manager Software 195 MB ZIPPED


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