Default Passwords for Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP-Office: How to Reset All Passwords for Default Built-in System Users

Mike's PBX tech help.One of the first items on installation or assuming management of an Avaya IP Office phone system is to change the default password of the Administrator's account. There are other built-in system users that Avaya has built-in, for instance Manager and Operator, as well as others. The following step by step guide is to reset all of these built-in accounts to the defaults. Good admin practice always requires a change from any default passwords to prevent access from unauthorized users entering your phone system and making changes. Or worse yet, to place unauthorized calls that can accumulate an abundance of charges very quickly. Unauthorized calls that occur routinely involve international calls, so the expense can be significant.

For the following change you will need a straight through serial cable.


Avaya IP Office; steps to reset all default system users passwords, step by step. Mike's PBX tips.

Start by first connecting a straight serial cable between the IP Office DTE port and your computer.

IP Office Built-in Accts & Default Passwords
For a list of the default security users in IP-Office.

Username - Password

  • Administrator - Administrator
  • Maintainer - Maintainer
  • SMGRB5800Admin - SMGRB5800Admin
  • Operator - Operator
  • BusinessPartner - BusinessPartner
  • EnhTcpaService - EnhTcpaPwd1

Avaya IP Office Default Security Users

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