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Cetis Hotel and Motel Phone Manuals

Cetis, a privately held Colorado company serves the hospitality industry worldwide offers phones that are found in most major hotel chains including Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, etc. In 1979 they acquired Teledex and soon after introduced the Teledex Diamond Hotel Phone Series, the first with a faceplate and programmable guest service key. Today they offer three brands of telephones which can integrate with most proprietary PBX systems, Teledex, TeleMatrix and Scitec. For Teledex phone guides see: Teledex Phone Manuals Below find some TeleMatrix and other Citis phone guides.

Cetis Hotel Phones Guides

TeleMatrix Series Hotel Phones

TeleMatrix 3500-9700 Phone Datasheet
TeleMatrix 3300 IP User Manual
TeleMatrix 9600 Series Telephone User Guide
TeleMatrix 9600 Telephone Quick-start Guide
TeleMatrix 3100 Series Phone User Guide

Cetis Telephones

For the best prices on Cetis telephones;
Cetis Dia653091 Single Line Guestroom Telephone
Cetis 80102 No Dial Single Line Lobby Phone
Cetis TLD-ASH DIA65309

Cetis Scitec Motel/Hotel Phone Guides

Scitec 2500 Series Phone User Guide
Cetis 3000IP User Manual
Cetis Products Brochure


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About Cetis

Teledex company information.Cetis, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a private company that manufactures hospitality equipment and offers some of the most popular hotel guestroom phones. Cetis sell their products through a channel partner network.

Hospitality Telecom News: As the hospitality industry temporarily reels with in-place social distancing many hotel owners and operators are taking the opportunity to review their systems (hotel phone systems) and implement changes that are compelling. With an emphasis on improving telecommunications and advanced hospitality systems some owners have engaged in investigating the costs associated with system enhancements. more


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