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April 15, 2020

As the hospitality industry temporarily reels with in-place social distancing many hotel owners and operators are taking the opportunity to review their systems (hotel phone systems) and implement changes that are compelling. With an emphasis on improving telecommunications and advanced hospitality systems some owners have engaged in investigating the costs associated with system enhancements. One item that is at the top of many manager's lists is to strengthen portions of their technology systems that might have lagged.

Guests expect reliable WiFi along with comfortable desks that have power options, especially business guests. These work spaces should be in both their rooms and available in the lobby. More and more, corporate travelers demand high quality technology to be in place for use during their stay and at the time of making reservations. So what about the telephone in guestrooms?

For the most part guestroom telephones aren't used the same way they have been in years past. Outside calling using the room phone in the majority of business hotels has all but disappeared. The preference presently is for guests to use their own smart phones. However, calling for services on the room phone has been and will remain to be an essential need. An easy to spot guest-service button on the phone is important. Room phones should also look attractive and be small allowing for more night stand room. Ease of use rates high when deciding on new room phones.

So, will smart devices like Alexa be the next room enhancement? Maybe, but likely quite gradually starting only in overly high-end or boutique styled establishments. However some major high-end hotel chains have already deployed systems. Room devices are presently available that can be customized to include functions that guests would appreciate. Like requesting devices such as setting smart thermostats or asking questions about hotel services. Guests can ask for room service or housekeeping, or what the weather will be tomorrow.

For now, good WiFi with comfortable desks that include adequate charging options and allowing guests to use their smart phones for booking, payment and check-out ranks at the top of the list. That along with highly integrated property management systems so staff can work more efficiently.
Business people are looking forward to getting back to business. And back to travel and working while in comfortable hotels. Preferable with a cup of coffee at a roomy lobby desk.


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