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Grandstream UCM6200 Series Receives 2017 Product of the Year

Published June, 2018

"Grandstream’s powerful UCM6200 series of IP PBXs Recognized for Exceptional Innovation - Boston July 27, 2017.

TMC Communications Product of the Year 2017, Grandstream's UMC6200.TMC awards the UCM6200 series of IP PBXs a 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year.
One of the most popular IP-PBXs in the world Grandstream's UCM6200 series ip-pbx provides a full unified communications solution with a suite of advanced features in an easy-to-manage appliance without any licensing fees and no costs per feature. These award-winning series of Asterisk based IP PBX UC appliances are perfect for most SMB businesses and offers customers the ability to build enterprise-grade voice, video, data and mobility networks for one, two or several facilities. The advantage to connect and manage multiple locations from one central easy to manage appliance puts this ip-pbx above others. With several models available this UC product offers enough capacity that most SMB companies will be able to handle all of their endpoints. With up of three model options available capacities can support up to 500 or 800 users.


Many changes have occurred in the telecom/unified communications/voip industry in the last two years with many advantages ending up with the savvy consumer. Large enterprise manufacturers are reeling with financial stress, watching smaller players develop and market innovative solutions that are a fraction of the cost of their own traditional PBXs. Affordable prices benefit just about all companies, from small 5 to 10 people offices to organizations with 500 or more phones.

Customers are now recognizing that these UC solutions come with many outstanding advanced features without the need to "pay extra for this or that feature". Quality support is also easily available from these ip-pbx companies, which is breaking the once tried and true PBX business model by allowing direct sales from company to customer and then supporting those customers. These changes are all a result of Asterisk and Linux as the core software, reducing large development costs and then passing these savings onto the customer. In addition, customers are now finding the freedom and power of managing their own ip-pbx solution, adding software components and endpoints as they would computers or apps, but without any additional pay for feature license fees.

In-house on premise pbx appliance solutions are now gaining market share vs cloud solutions as reoccurring monthly costs calculated over months and years show an earlier break even point. The additional monthly savings over years add up to a significant amount. Internet costs, which have been drastically reduced over recent years, come with increased pipe size, lowering those fees, as well. With so many good SIP providers now available companies feel empowered to pick and choose the few that offer them the best service, rather than remaining with the local provider, if they're not competitive with their rates.

It's now all about quality unified communication, with plenty of features, lower costs and in-house management and control. Without hearing "that costs an extra license fee'.

That's what a savvy consumer wants.

This years tip:

VoIP tip.Consider an ip-pbx appliance that offers more than just phone service. Some quality companies are offering a UC appliance that can bring video, premise control management, hotel apps, call center advanced features, and more, all under one device.


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