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Yeastar Launches Its First Cloud Offering - Yeastar Cloud PBX

Published February, 2018

Cloud services are expanding big time in 2018.

Considering tapping into hosted PBX market? Yeastar offers a solution. Early this year, began Yeastar Cloud PBX, its first cloud offering. It is an all-new powerful and profitable multi-instance hosted business voice solution for service providers and telecom resellers worldwide. Yeastar Cloud PBX, comprised of a powerful Yeastar Management Plane (YMP) offers made-simple, easy-to-deploy dedicated PBXs. These cloud PBXs come with enhanced functionality, scalability, and full mobility, enabling solutions for every type of opportunity. Yeastar Cloud PBX opens up cloud opportunities for hosting partners seeking reliable voice solutions, quickly opening new revenue that would be generated by offering hosted PBX service. By using Yeastar's Cloud PBX investment, expenses are brought to a minimum so more in the telecom business can expand their offerings without the normal outlay that would be associated with such a venture.

LogMeIn a Boston based public company has agreed to acquire to Jive Communications, a Utah based private provider of cloud-based phone systems. LogMeIn believes that gaining Jive's hosted VoIP services will make the combined company one of the best and most comprehensive UCC offerings in the market.

Commentary: It's 2018 and Asterisk dominates everywhere.

It's coming up on twenty years (1999) since Asterisk first came into being. The first years brought a large open source community together in collaboration and since has grown into a worldwide force. They developed the best, most stable, most customizable feature rich PBX software ever, and it changed traditional expensive fee based PBX companies down to the core. At first it was the hackers and techies who understood what they could do with Asterisk, replacing expensive proprietary systems with very functional open source replacements, built on inexpensive available hardware. That morphed into IT administrators making Asterisk their first choice over big name PBXs for the companies where they managed the network.

VoIP added to the industry new changes with cloud based services now always a go-to possible choice. And although an Asterisk based PBX had its followers, many decision makers still needed to be taught about it and how dependable and robust it had become and that you don't pay license fees, a huge savings. Meanwhile the big PBX vendors tried to compete, first on name recognition, then on tactics that included instilling fear into the decision maker; suggesting no one would know anything about their Asterisk phone system if the administrator left. There was an inkling of foundation is this approach, as some systems built by a local company had hardly any name recognition outside of the immediate area. But, consumers and company management began to realize that exploring phone systems was more than looking just at the big names in PBX manufacturers.

These big established companies were consistently loosing on all fronts: clout, price and features. Some filed for bankruptcy. Others were taken over, absorbed into their competitors. Now, in the last few years impressive companies with recognizable names started building their own systems based on Asterisk; driving down prices and offering both support and name recognition. These systems were offered directly to consumers, in some cases. Besides finding huge savings over traditional proprietary PBXs, IT personnel found they actually preferred them. They came with intuitive GUIs like FreePBX or one customized by the manufacturer and lots of manufacturer support at no extra cost. Any network person could easily manage them or in some cases the owner of the business himself. This was all possible because of Asterisk.

It all started in 1999.


PbxMechanic Tip.With more and more services moving to the cloud, its time for very small offices to consider hosted VoIP, Cloud based phone service. If you're a mobile on the road sales based business, then hosted VoIP will make your employees more competitive. Using work from home employees? Then a cloud basd PBX makes it easy and efficient.