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Telecom's Direction; the Next Decade

December 12, 2019

Years back when VoIP (Voice over IP ) was in its infancy some industry leaders envisioned a future where VoIP technology would mature enough to become the predominant infrastructure replacing the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network ). Since those early days traditional copper telephone circuits have more and more worldwide been replaced with IP circuits, as an aging and an outdated network matures toward modern IP (Internet Protocol ) based networks. Maintaining older copper circuits is costly and has become economically unsatisfactory. Telecom companies have since those early days succeeded in building more modernized networks which can support both broadband and traditional landline telephone service. At some point it will be all IP and VoIP will carry all calls.

Half of all communication services should be cloud based within North America by early 2022. The trend toward the cloud has continually grown from when it was only about 10% back in 2014, not that long ago. The speed of change has been quite significant given how an older PSTN technology was so embedded in our infrastructure. That speaks volumes about VoIP and its advantages for both consumers and telecom companies. PSTN customers might not realize that their phone calls may already be carried over VoIP, and even though total cloud communications is some time out, the PSTN has reached its end of life.

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