NexPath System Administration Manuals

Nexpath Phone System Manuals

Below are the manuals and users guide for many of the versions of the Nexpath System, a PC server based phone system. You'll find the Administration and Users guides for the Nexpath Telephony Servers. These systems were designed to operate on earlier Windows operating systems. The early release 5 was from the later 1990s. They offered systems in different sizes from the NTS/16 to the NTS/48 with capabilities form 5 extensions to up to 85 extensions.

NexPath Telephone System Guides

Nexpath Administration and User Guides

NexPath Release 5 Administration Appendices
NexPath Release 5 System Administration Guide
NexPath Release 5 Users Guide
NexPath Release 6 Administration Appendices
NexPath Release 6 System Administration Guide
NexPath Release 6 Users Guide
NexPath Release 7 Administration Appendices
NexPath Release 7 System Administration Guide
NexPath Release 7 Users Guide
NexPath Telephony Server Interface Ver 2-10

About NexPath Corporation

Nexpath phone system company information.NexPath Corporation, Santa Clara, California, a manufacturer of telephony appliances for small businesses. Having early on developed a browser-based call control communications server (PC based phone system), they continued to manufacturer systems for quite some time, however it appears that they are no longer active today. These server systems were originaly sold by authorized dealers and distributors.