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Samsung Officeserv Feature Access Codes for Quick Reference

PBX help from telecom tech, Mike.Below you can find a list of Samsung Officeserv telephone access codes for easy quick access and how to cancel those codes. Using feature codes can solve everyday problems like receiving your calls when working at a different desk. They're easy to set, quick and efficient. Just keep track of when they are used, so they can be changed back to the original phones functions when no longer needed.


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Samsung Officeserv Telephone Feature Codes

The feature codes below can be set from the desk telephone. NOTE: In the list below XXX represents an extension. For example, the user at telephone extension 203 dials code 601 207 and hangs up. When a call goes to extension 203 it will be immediately sent to extension 207 which will ring. (Please note the exception with code 606 - Call Fwd Follow Me.)


About Samsung Officeserv 7100 PBX

The Samsung OfficeServ 7100, good for up to 32 telephones, comes pre-packaged, already programmed, pre-labeled and ready to start handling your communications right away. This system comes with embedded full featured voicemail/attendant, automatic call routing, e-mail gateway and much more. They have and continue to be a very popular small business PBX and desk-set phones are readily available. NOTE: All of Samsung Officeserv phone systems including the 7100 are end of life and are no longer available from Samsung.

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