Setup for the Grandstream HT818

Using a Grandstream HT818 to Connect Analog Devices to IP

When deploying an IP-PBX requiring analog endpoint connections, the most effective solution is an FXS gateway device with several ports. An example of such a deployment would be a warehouse facility that keeps offices. Each office desk probably has an Ethernet (RJ-45) connection for direct IP access, (The IP phone and PC can share the line through the Ethernet phone port.), The warehouse or operations area employs analog phones. Running new cables would be expensive. Cables can run anywhere from $180.00 to over $300.00 per cable depending on logistics, ceiling height and if a lift is required.

Many hybrid phone system installations require gateways from one type of protocol to another. Grandstream, one of several manufacturers, produces quality affordable gateways.

Phones in warehouse environments are often distributed along walls or on vertical steel beams, where employees, who don't regularly use the phone, can accept or place an occasional call. Some phones are required by OSHA. These analog phones and other devices remain analog to be connected from a FXS (RJ-11) port (SIP to analog) connection in the phone closet. In some installations, it's not unusual to have 8, 12 or more analog devices. Rather than using multiple 2 port ATAs, where two or even three would be acceptable, using a FXS gateway device with multiple ports offers advantages. Grandstream's HT818 with 8 FXS ports represents a cost-effective solution. The HT818 integrates dual Gigabit ports, an integrated NAT router and QoS for the stability of VoIP services.

Configuration Of a Grandstream Gateway- HT818

Grandstream Analog-VoIP converter; the HT818 is a 8-port VoIP gateway with 8 FXS ports and an integrated Gigabit NAT router.

Grandstream HT818 for analog phones.The Grandstream HT818 FXS gateway offers an array of advanced settings through the built-in GUI. However, in most cases, the settings that most installations require would be rudimentary. With the user's guide along with the installation video further down, configuration should be fairly straight-forward. Resources are available from Grandstream, which makes this multi-port FXS gateway a sensible solution.

Here's some primary features of the Grandstream HT818:

  • It supports two SIP profiles and eight FXS ports.
  • Employ 3-way voice conferencing per port.
  • Has exceptional voice quality with wide-band HD codec.
  • It incorporates security protection.
  • Has built-in support for T.38 fax.
  • Support dual Gigabit network ports.

NOTE: By default, the GUI of the HT818 device remains disabled. The first thing to do when installing one is to connect by setting up your IP address. Then connect with an analog phone plugged into an FXS port. Use the dial menu to enable the GUI interface. Press ***, then feature code 12 for the web access menu. Press 9 to toggle between enabled and disabled, then reboot.

How to Set up of a Grandstream HT818 fxs for Analog Extensions