XBlue Phone Manuals

XBlue Networks Phone Manuals for the X16, X45 and X100 Systems

XBlue, a phone system manufacturer, builds small lower cost phone systems designed for small business customers. Their x16 phone system is popular for companies that have 2 to 12 employees and want a "most economical" office phone system choice, but still have a basic feature set that serves their needs. Many owners have stated that these small affordable phone systems offer a reliable, good value "system in a box" that can be installed themselves without the need for paying out extra expenses for an outside vendor. Sold through several retail establishments, the popular X16 offers attractive phones that come is several color choices.

XBlue Business Telephone System Manuals


XBlue X45p Installation and Maintenance Manual
XBlue X45p Quick Start Guide
XBlue X45p Digital Extension User Guide
XBlue X45p Single Line Telephone Module User Guide


XBlue X16 Installation Guide
XBlue X16 Quick Reference Card
XBlue X16 Quick Start Guide
XBlue X16 Telephone User Guide
XBlue X16 Cordless Telephone Module Guide

XBLUE XPlus 100

XBlue XPlus 100 Installation Manual
XBlue XPlus 100 Telephone User Guide


XBlue networks, LLC

xBlue phone system company information.XBLUE Networks, LLC., located in Lenexa, Kansas builds small business phone systems that are designed for ease of installation, simplicity of feature use, and low cost. Their motto; Save Money - Self Install - We Can Help, sums up these very affordable business phone systems which can be bought through several retail office supply chains. Support is available from their operations center in Phoenix, Arizona by contact over the phone.

xBlue Phone System Packages

For the best prices on xBlue complete phone system packages;
XBLUE X16 Small Business Phone System Bundle with 4 Phones
Xblue QB System Bundle with 6 IP9g IP Phones
Xblue X16 Small Business Phone System Bundle with 10 Phones

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