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Avaya Nortel BCM: Alarm Codes and Descriptions

Mike's PBX technician help for users.The BCM PBX (BCM50 and others) hardware status LED when red shows a critical issue with the system. These issues can be cleared using Element Manager, however that does not isolate nor clear a reoccurring issue. The alarm code type and code number can offer guidance and information to zero in and correct the fault, so the system once again becomes stable and displays two green lights which indicate that it is running properly. Clearing the alarm red LED is the first step and can be done quite quickly, as we describe below. Understanding the alarm code generated, which are sorted by date and time by default in Element Manager with the most recent alarm listed at the top, can be a valuable resource.

Clearing an alarm code is important. Just as important is understanding what is causing that alarm to trigger. The red status light indicates a critical alarm

Below we have listed the BCM Alarm Codes from 100 to the 10000 codes for convenient access.

Below find a summary of various BCM50 and other BCM alarm codes. Using the BCM50 Troubleshooting Guide can be very helpful when tackling any issues on the PBX. For more BCM50 Guides. For more about BCM LEDs Lights and What They Indicate. For complete Norstar Companion Alarm & Event Codes with descriptions, see our Norstar Manuals.

BCM50 and other BCM PBX Alarm Code Numbers with Description

BCM50, BCM200, BCM400, BCM450 Alarm Codes. Status LED is Red, a major or critical alarm.

BCM Component - Alarm ID Range

For more information: Avaya BCM Alarm Manager Guide

How to clear a red LED Status light on a BCM50.
If the KSU Status light shows red the alarm must be cleared through Element Manager. To do this first open Element Manager then:


About Avaya Nortel BCM

Nortel and Avaya company history.Nortel Networks Corporation, first founded as Northern Telecom Limited, is a multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturer headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They made many large and small business PBX systems and were for a long time a leader in the telecom industry. On January 14, 2009, Nortel filed for bankruptcy protection in order to restructure its debt and financial obligations. Northern Telecom, which bankruptcy lasted until 2013, was the largest bankruptcy case in Canadian history. Avaya acquired parts of Nortel. As of October 1, 2018 Avaya will no longer offer support for the BCM product line.