Phone Systems for 2021

What to Expect for 2021 with Communications Solutions and Small Business Phone Systems

Multichannel communications and Mobility Remain in the Forefront for Innovative Solutions

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November 23, 2020

As we move into 2021, we can expect an extended migration from older phone systems toward enhanced unified communications solutions. This shift will advance work processes from individual compartmentalized components into an integrated system that offers several communication channels to exchange information. Video has developed into a fundamental requirement for many businesses that depend on team collaboration from home based workers. This trend is likely to accelerate despite some companies returning to an office environment. Businesses have discovered that remote work, even for a portion of time is here to stay.

Solutions for how we work today.
  • Desktop UC clients
  • Remote mobile UC clients
  • Video
  • Chat
  • Text

Mobility with the same robust tools as in the office has become a requirement.

Customers likewise, have continued to expect to engage through chat, which presently represents a critical component of any contact center. Multichannel communication remains critical. As does, successful engagement with the necessary tools and resources to effectively secure a one-call resolution.

Very small businesses have recently discovered many small PBX phone systems presently incorporate features that once only the mightiest companies could afford. And that they are relatively affordable. Numerous PBX phone systems directly integrate essential features like call recording, as one example. This feature once required totally separate hardware and software that added significantly to a solution's overall cost. Presently it's an included feature in quite a few phone systems. Another expensive add-on has traditionally been an advanced automatic call distribution (ACD) application. Presently certain PBX systems incorporate specific ACD advanced features as part of the PBX software. This can result in lower overall costs from what might have been just six or seven years ago.
As the economy returns to normal many traditional companies will proceed to replace antiquated phone systems with total or hybrid IP solutions.

The hospitality industry after experiencing the most challenging times in recent history should find a renewed interest in streamlining and improving guest services. The updating and replacement of many hotel phone systems should continue once vacation travelers and business travel resumes.

Hotels find technology and WiFi indispensable for guest relations and corporate travelers, who should return to more typical routines as 2021 proceeds.

The move to the cloud will accelerate in 2021 with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) providers leading the migration. These cloud PBX communication solutions have become incredibly affordable and can be setup and taking calls in hours. That's something very few thought possible not too long ago. A new business can currently employ remote workers from across the globe. By managing multichannel communications, these companies can become productive almost immediately.

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