Video, Text and Voice from One Provider

Video has become essential in a businesses' core communication requirements. And will remain so.

March 5, 2021

Communication specialist for virtual PBX services.Commentary More changes in business communications have occurred over the last year than during the previous decade. These changes have been required due to social distancing, with the need for at home workers and specifically virtual business meetings. It's actually not so much the technology advancements, they have been gradually progressing year after year; it's the way everyone now envisions when holding a meeting. It is and should remain a virtual meeting, a video event. And though it appears an increase is on the horizon for business travel, video meetings will remain a de facto way to share information or to engage in marketing a product. Organizations that have sales people out in the field presently recognize this.
Social distancing and limitations on travel have propelled video conferencing to develop into a fundamental requirement for many businesses. A short time ago an article described recent changes in communications, pointing out that virtual meetings are currently willingly accepted and that they should remain a favored venue. The prior year bolstered video meetings, not only for those that regularly employed them, but for those that never had. That's significant. Calling on a customer to arrange a sales meeting is currently expected to be hosted on video. The customer expects this and has learned to be virtual "video savvy."

What to consider for when choosing hosted VoIP with a Video app.

  • Reliability and built-in security.
  • Integrated and easy to use. Easy Screen Sharing. One click Join In.
  • One vendor to host multiple communication tools.

Not all hosted VoIP providers offer video and not every company requires this channel of communications, but for those that do, using a cloud PBX provider has become even more of a necessity. UCaaS providers, like RingCentral, Nextiva and VirtualPBX have been propelled as the industry leaders for integrated solutions. Is your business currently paying for a separate video service? If so, the best and most cost effective solution would be one vendor to handle voice, text and video. Significantly, video meetings should be easy to initiate and work efficiently with other systems. Multiple vendors add complexity and cost.


Business managers have recognized that video has become an important piece of their employee's toolkit. And as 2021 proceeds, it appears video will earn even more traction as an essential communication component. Choosing a unified solution offers numerous benefits including the advantage of having one provider ensures seamless integration.

Get expert telecom advice for the best hosted VoIP solution.As a business owner looking for a new advanced communications, the amount of obtainable information can be overwhelming. Repeatedly the most efficient solution is to allow a few minutes and speak to a knowledgeable professional. Call Now: 877-433-8889RingCentral notably has received numerous industry accolades with its platform that integrates text, voice and video seamlessly. A suggestion would be to allow an experienced representative explain their various plans and the advantages your company would gain from their platform. Obtaining an exact quote from RingCentral is easy. Use the banner to instantly connect up through our toll free number.

Information overload is not uncommon. A convenient alternative is to talk with a professional.

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