Hotel & Motel Phone System Upgrades

Hospitality manager.Upgrading a small Hotel Phone System

Independent Hotel owners are installing new Systems

Owners of Hotels and Motels Recognize Now is the Right Time to Upgrade Their Phone systems

June 3, 2021


Hotels have been updating their phone systems regularly for the past few years. This trend has currently accelerated. However, many private individual hotels/motels have postponed upgrading their older PBX phone systems preferring to limit expenditures during the tumultuous times of the past two years. Now with light clearly showing at the end of the tunnel investments being made into newer technology should pay dividends, as travelers once again take to the roads.

Choices for hospitality specific PBX phone systems have gone from primarily premise-based to either a premise based system or a cloud based solution or a hybrid mix of both. Cost effective robust high-reliable bandwidth services along with effective network tools have materialized over the past years bolstering stability of cloud based communications. Only recently have hospitality industry specific cloud-based providers become available that offer affordable solutions for the small limited service motel.

Hotel phone systems are explicit in that they account for temporary guests and the services they use while lodging. Room phone usage was once an important revenue source for hotels, however now guests regularly use their mobile phones and PCs with Voice-over-IP to make most of their outbound calls. These phone call revenues are now mostly gone, but guests often gauge bookings and future stays on the newness of the premise and the technology that is in place. Services that are used by guests do need to be charged instantly which requires the phone system to integrate with the Property Management System. A bi-directional transfer of information between the systems ensures the guest's service usage and status are exactly current. The PMS hospitality system provides hotel staff with one place to manage all of the guest's communications systems easing workloads.

Small hotel owners should recognize on-premise hospitality PBX solutions remain extremely robust with systems that deliver the latest technologies specifically, much like cloud based systems. Just because a totally it's a "cloud based" system does not mean it is the best or offers the greatest functionality or affordability. Long term costs are frequently less for premise based PBXs. The only real way to determine the optimal solution is to talk with a telecom professional that understands and installs hospitality phone systems. Usually these specialized systems stand out due to the unique features that are hospitality specific.


We have listed some great hospitality specific phone systems. Among them are PhoneSuite, Mitel and NEC, as well as others. See our picks for the best hotel PBX phone systems: Best Hospitality Phone Systems