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Manager discussing digital nomads and their phone service.In 2023 These Small Business Phone Providers are the Best of the Group.

February 13, 2023

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I've been asked on numerous occasions; "what is the best business VoIP for the lowest price?"
And my answer is usually the same; "that really depends on what features you need."

In all cases, these small business owners regularly expect a variety of ways to manage their calls, so they go to the proper person at the right time. They also expect customers to receive a superior experience. And that any new phone system helps develop their business and performs dependably.  

The settings that accomplish routing calls, can best be described as "PBX features", as they provide a collection of call management tools to achieve the desired outcome. And these call management configurations are incorporated into just about any established business VoIP provider's platform. So, my following questions, after getting some idea of how many phone numbers, and the number of extensions and users they have, revolve around the nature of their business. And if there are any current plans for expansion, and only then, afterwards, to present a number of possible small business low-cost providers.

My questions might be, for example;

  • Do you need a phone system that helps keep track of customer interactions?
  • Do you think you'll discover the need to rapidly add new team members?
  • Would a plan with limited minutes be appropriate to lower your monthly cost?
  • Will you require video conferencing?
  • How will your employees accept calls?; From their cell phone, a computer or a desk phone? Or a combination?

Although these remain essential questions that need to be addressed, there could be further requirements that lead to a particular provider as the most effective solution.

For those small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups looking for the best cheap really good phone system plans, here they are: (Oh, BTW, Cheap only means inexpensive, not lower quality.)

Best Cheap Phone Systems

Openphone for digital nomads.


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